A Good God

"What a good god God must be to think up somebody like you." - Dallas Willard

Greg, our pastor, gave us this quote this weekend. It reminded me of another thing I heard from Gary Haugen this summer (yes, I'm in a Gary Haugen phase). Gary posed the question, "When people are living in injustice, opression, or forced slavery, and they see no possibility of escaping, how will they believe that God is good?"

Of course, Gary's answer is the same as Dallas Willard's. The answer is that people will see how good God is when they see his people... loving, caring, fighting for justice, giving generously, pushing back darkness, worshiping God openly, laughing harder, showing hospitality, and choosing not to participate in things that bring down other people.

What a serious thing God has called us to! But I'm so grateful that God has done it this way. As hard as the task is, it means that we get to join in and be a part of what God is doing. We get to be the agents of change in this world. We get to be the folks that show the world what Jesus' love was all about. What a good god God must be to have invited us into the story!

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  1. I loved that quote back in December too.
    Glad I found your blog and that you started updating it. I'll check back often!